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Understand how to live your Human Design with Guidance from a trained IHDS Professional


Meet Your Guide

Ryan is an IHDS Certified Living Your Design Guide and final year Human Design Professional Analyst-in-Training. He has a deep passion for and understanding of Human Design and how to apply the unique information and insights it provides. 

What We Offer



Why Get A




Personalized Insights

A trained Human Design analyst can provide a highly personalized reading that is specific to your unique design. Unlike generic horoscopes or self-help advice, a professional reading delves into the specifics of your chart, exploring your type, strategy, authority, profile, and the definition of your centers. This synthesized approach can give you a clearer understanding of your personal traits, potential, challenges, and the strategies you can use to align with your true nature.


Self-Understanding and Acceptance

By exploring the intricacies of your Human Design chart, an analyst can guide you to a deeper understanding of yourself. This can foster greater self-acceptance and reduce internal conflict by validating your innate tendencies and explaining why you may react to the world in certain ways. This self-awareness can be empowering, enabling you to embrace your authentic self and live more harmoniously.


Practical Guidance

Human Design is not only about understanding your nature on a theoretical level; it also offers practical guidance on how to make decisions and interact with the world around you. A trained analyst can help you understand your decision-making authority and how to apply it in everyday life. They can offer advice on managing your energy, navigating relationships, and finding the most suitable career path, all based on your unique design.


Strategic Life Planning

Understanding your Human Design can inform your approach to life's challenges and opportunities. A trained analyst can help you identify your strengths and vulnerabilities, allowing you to make more informed choices about your career, relationships, and personal growth. By knowing the areas where you're likely to excel or face resistance, you can plan strategically and create a life that aligns with your innate design.

2/4 Emotional Manifesting Generator - BC, Canada

"I was blown away by Ryan's reading! He has a stimulating and skillful way of inspiring that is genius. The level of detail and recognition of my chart was incredible. I felt seen and understood in the way he brought all the information together. If you want to know what it all means, Ryan's guidance is not to be missed."


Begin Your 

Ryan offers a wide range of service offerings for anyone from an absolute beginner, to an experienced HD veteran. His services are available online and facilitated using Zoom. 

Our Process

Human Design offers practical life transforming strategies for decision making, and personalized insights that can help you to align with the purpose you were born to achieve.

How it Works

Step 1

Select your reading

The best place to start is with our Live Online Session.

Step 2

Meet online

We'll meet together using Zoom, where you will receive personalized guidance in an interactive manner.

Step 3

Apply what you learn

The benefits of Human Design are felt once you begin to apply the strategies and guidance it can offer you.

  • What if I am new to Human Design?
    If you are new to Human Design, we recommend starting with an overview reading where Ryan will guide you through the basic components of your chart and how to apply the information to your daily life to begin deriving benefit.
  • Can Human Design improve my relationships?
    Human Design offers profound insights into your interaction dynamics by revealing not only your nature but also how you connect with others. By understanding your own and your partner's or family member's Design, you can better navigate challenges, communicate effectively, and appreciate each other's uniqueness. Relationship readings can help identify areas where you are compatible and where you may need to be more understanding or adaptive. This awareness can foster deeper intimacy, respect, and harmony in relationships.
  • Is Human Design similar to astrology?
    While Human Design incorporates elements of astrology, it is a distinct system that offers a different perspective on personal and energetic dynamics. Human Design includes components like Type, Authority, and Profile, which are not found in traditional astrology.
  • How long does a reading session last?
    Overview: 30 Minutes Session: 60 Minutes Analysis Packages: 2 x 30 Minute Meetings + Additional 60 Minute Analysis Recording
  • What is Human Design?
    Human Design is a synthesis of ancient and modern sciences that provides a unique approach to understanding yourself and how you interact with the world. It combines astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin Chakra system, and quantum physics to create a personalized map that reflects your genetic design.
  • Do I need my birth details?
    Yes, accurate birth details (date, time, and place of birth) are essential for generating your Human Design chart. The accuracy of this information is critical for an accurate reading.
  • How do I prepare for a Human Design reading?
    Come with an open mind and possibly a list of areas in your life you wish to gain insight on. Additionally, ensure you provide your accurate birth details for the reading.
  • How can Human Design help me?
    Human Design offers insights into your personal strengths, challenges, and innate tendencies. Understanding your design can lead to greater self-awareness, improved decision-making, and enhanced relationships. It can also guide you in discovering your life purpose and help in career, health, and personal development.
  • What is a Human Design chart?
    A Human Design chart, also known as a BodyGraph, is a graphical representation of your unique energetic makeup. It is essentially a glyph of your genetic code, displaying how energy expresses uniquely within you. It reveals highly detailed and specific information that is unique to your nature. A trained Human Design professional is knowledgeable in all the component areas of a chart, and is skilled in the ability to interpret the information holistically.

About Ryan

Ryan is an IHDS Certified Living Your Design Guide and final year Professional Analyst-in-Training. He has a deep understanding of Human Design, and the ability to communicate the details of a chart in a synthesized and practical manner. He truly enjoys working one-on-one with others who are learning how to apply Human Design in their everyday life.

HD Education

The Living Your Design Program - Brian Stout

Rave ABC's - Brian Stout

Rave Cartography - Brian Stout

Professional Training PTL1 Semesters 1 2 & 3 - Brian Stout

Professional Training PTL2 Semester 1 - Laveena Archers May 2023

Professional Training PTL2 Semester 2 - Laveena Archers September 2023

Living Your Design Guide Certification Program - Carol Zimmerman

Jovian Archive and IHDS Self-Study Material

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Human Design
Rave Fest 24

Ryan is a featured speaker at the upcoming International Human Design Rave Fest taking place in Sofia, Bulgaria Jan 17th-22nd 2024.

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