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Human Design Generator

Your BodyGraph

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Embrace Uniqueness

No Two Charts Are The Same

Below you will find an assortment of authentic Human Design charts!

Each chart product will be processed manually and sent to you via email. 

Human Design charts require accurate birth data, especially birth time.

Human Design Generator
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Chart Variations

Example 1.png


The essential chart for anyone interested in their Human Design. These charts include all the basic information you need to begin your process with this knowledge.

Ryan Hanna - Willa Hanna .png


The perfect solution for seeing the combined energy of two charts. This is a key to a better understanding of your relationships.



A fascinating and useful chart that highlights key unique elements that each individual brings to a group or family. Capable of displaying the combined qualities of 3-5 people, these charts show how groups become more than the sum of their parts!

62 Projector.png

Type and Profile Synthesis

This is a crafted product that will synthesize the unique combination of your Type & Profile to help you better understand your particular design.

Ryan Hanna-Saturn Return.png

Return & Cycle Charts

These charts provide valuable information regarding key periods in a persons developmental life journey.

Master Chief Advanced.png

Advanced Individual

This MMAI chart includes substructure information that will reveal an individuals correct dietary regiment, environment, view, and motivation. When combined with an understanding of the surface level information of a chart, this can be a powerful tool for aligning with your correct and optimal life.

Master Chief-Transit1..png

Individual Transit

The transit chart is an advanced tool for someone who has begun the process of living according to their design, and now wishes to see how their design interacts with the astrological forces of conditioning for any given point in time.

The beauty is in the details.

Human Design Course

The Human Design BodyGraph is a remarkable glyph that maps out an individual's unique energetic makeup. It consists of nine energy centers or "chakras", which are interconnected by channels. The channels are grouped into various streams and circuits that flow through the centers, made up from a total of 64 hexagram "gates" with 6 lines, each with a specific meaning and energy signature.

Defined centers are colored in on the BodyGraph, indicating that they have a consistent flow of energy. Undefined centers are white and represent areas of openness and potential sensitivity to external influences. Gates are specific points within the channels where energy can be accessed or blocked. Channels are pathways that connect the energy centers and allow for the flow of energy.

The BodyGraph provides insights into an individual's strengths, challenges, and life purpose. It is based on a synthesis of physiological, psychological, esoteric, and spiritual teachings, including the I'Ching, astrology, the Kabbalah, and the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system.


Human Design is a highly detailed and nuanced system that can help individuals better understand themselves, and their place in the world, with remarkable accuracy and clarity.

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