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Ryan's 3 Stage Connection Chart Analysis Package is a valuable resource for couples, family members, or friends seeking to deepen their understanding of their relationship dynamics. It offers a supportive and personalized approach to uncovering the unique dynamics at play, addressing challenges, and fostering a stronger, more harmonious connection between the two individuals.

Stage 1:
 The first stage of the Connection Chart Analysis Package is a 30-minute meeting on Zoom where both individuals come together to share their perspectives, primary concerns, and what they hope to achieve through this analysis with Ryan. During this interactive session, Ryan will facilitate a discussion to help uncover the dynamics and challenges within the relationship. This session serves as the initial stepping stone to understand the unique connection between the two individuals from their own perspective.

Stage 2: In the second stage, Ryan will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the connection chart between the two individuals. This analysis goes beyond individual Human Design charts and focuses on how the energies of both people interplay in the relationship. The findings and insights will be presented as a video presentation. This personalized video will provide a detailed breakdown of the connection chart, highlighting areas of synergy and potential sources of tension. Additionally, Ryan will offer practical strategies and recommendations tailored to enhancing the connection and harmony between the two individuals.


Your Stage 2 video recording will deliver Connection Chart specific insights regarding your:


Type for Type Dynamics and Recommendations

Connection Theme

Centers Configuration

Companionship Channels

Electromagnetic Channels

Dominance Channels

Compromise Channels

Profile Resonance, Dissonance, or Harmony

Lunar Node Qualities - Including Environment / Gate & Line Thematics


A brief overview of each individual’s Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, and Profile will also be provided, however this should not be considered as a substitute for individual analysis.


All information will be presented in a synthesized manner, meaning it will be woven together into a complete description of your shared energy with guidance on how to optimize, make the best of, and handle challenging situations and differences.


Please note that Stage 2 is NOT a live reading, rather a recorded screen capture video that will be sent to you via e-mail.


Stage 3: The final stage involves a 30-minute follow-up meeting, where both individuals come together with Ryan to discuss the insights gained from Stage 2. This session provides an opportunity to address any questions, share personal insights, and reflect on progress within the relationship since the analysis. It's also a time to collaboratively discuss your connection chart, foster better communication, and nurture the relationship's growth using Human Design tools and strategies.

Stage 2 processing times are up to 7 business days following your Stage 1 live meeting. Stage 3 meetings are availble for booking up to three months after delivery of your Stage 2 recording.



MP4 Video

Maia Mechanics BodyGraph Report(s)

Connection Chart Analysis - Package

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