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The Throat Center

The Throat Center in Human Design represents our outlet for communication, action, manifestation, and expression.

This center has 11 gates, and is connected to the Ajna, Spleen, Solar Plexus, G, Heart, and Sacral centers, which indicates that it is one of the most complex and dynamic centers in the BodyGraph.

When looking at your own Throat Center, note which other centers it is connected to, which will lead you to the understanding of where your unique voice originates from.

Those with defined Throat Centers have a consistent and reliable capacity to communicate and or take action in the world, according to their unique design. Manifestors will always have a defined Throat Center that is in some way connected to a motor center (energy producing center), giving them a unique capacity to energetically take action on their impulses, thoughts, or feelings. When your Throat Center is defined, it means that you have a "fixed" way of being able to communicate and express yourself.

Someone who has connection between their Ajna Center and their Throat Center, for example, will always be able to communicate their thoughts in a fixed and reliable manner. Alternatively, someone with connection between their Solar Plexus Center and their Throat Center may come across as an "emotional" communicator, and will have a powerful impact on their social environment when they speak up and take action. By studying your design, you can become more familiar with your unique voice and communicative strengths.

Someone that has an undefined or open Throat Center may feel an amplified pressure to take action and initiate conversations as a way to "get noticed". Having an undefined or open Throat Center is an indication to experiment with waiting to communicate in the form of a reply, rather than trying to push ones voice out into the world. Although this can most certainly be done, what one is expressing will likely be nothing more than their conditioned "voice", rather than a unique and authentic expression of their truth. Having an undefined or open Throat Center means it's important that one doesn't get fixed on trying to know or understand what they're going to say before they actually say it.

As with any center that is undefined or open, there can be a tremendous "flexibility" with an inactive Throat Center, which can translate to the capacity to learn multiple languages, and have various tones of voice, with the ability to connect and relate openly with others.

By understanding how your Throat Center is uniquely defined, you can become more familiar with, and take advantage of, your specific gifts for communication, action, and expression in relationship with others and the world.


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