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The Solar Plexus Center

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In Human Design, the Solar Plexus center is considered the emotional center, and it plays a vital role in determining how we experience and process emotions. This center is where we open ourselves to deeper social or intimate connections and experience the feeling and the longing for some of our deepest pleasures and desires. The Solar Plexus Center is deeply connected to our nervous system and state of "nervousness".

Those with an open or undefined Solar Plexus center can be highly sensitive to the emotions of others, which is both a gift and a curse. They may feel the emotions of others as if they were their own, leading to confusion and difficulty in distinguishing between their emotions and those of others. This translates to open emotional people being either empathetic and understanding, or overly sensitive with a potential for total lack of empathy towards others.

If someone with an open Solar Plexus ever experiences an emotional backlash from someone when dealing with a difficult and challenging interaction or confrontation, this person may go out of their way to avoid the potential for conflict in the future, leaving the "truth" of a matter as an unresolved issue.

On the other hand, those with a defined Solar Plexus center experience emotions consistently and deeply. They tend to have a roller coaster of emotions that can be intense and overwhelming at times. However, when they learn to understand and manage their emotions, they can use their emotional intelligence to connect with others on a deep level and make decisions based on their feelings, deeper sensitivities, and at times spiritual like awareness.

The Solar Plexus center is also closely connected to moodiness, sensitivity, desire, passion, and the drive to accumulate new shared experiences. Those with a defined Solar Plexus center often have a heightened sense of intuition and drive and can use their emotions to tap into their creative side, which can be deep and dramatic. However, when they are not in touch with their emotions or have unresolved emotional issues, they may struggle to access their creativity or sense of social openness and may feel moody, down, empty, or lacking a sense of abundance and clarity.

For anyone with a defined Solar Plexus, it means that this center is your Inner Authority, and requires of you to take your time and sleep on major decisions so that you can move from "excited" to "realistic" to "neutral". If you jump in too early based on a single feeling, or choose to act out in a certain way entirely based on your current mood, you may regret the impact you have, and the upset you can cause to yourself and others because the Solar Plexus is a powerful energy center that effects other people, not just the individual.

Those who are experiencing uncomfortable mood swings may benefit from visiting a homeopath that can recommend gentle remedies to help steady one's experience of emotional "waves". It would also be beneficial to examine one's diet, as the Solar Plexus Center does have a connection to our metabolism, and through the channel 40-37, our stomach.

In summary, the Solar Plexus center is an essential aspect of our emotional makeup and can greatly influence how we experience and process emotions, passions, desires, and feelings.

Understanding and working with this center can help you to connect with emotions, tap into deeper creativity and intuition, and make decisions that align with your true feelings.


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