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The Head Center

The Head Center is one of the most significant centers in Human Design as it governs our ability to process information and seek understanding.

The Head Center is located at the top of the body graph and is associated with the Crown chakra, connecting us to the divine or higher consciousness. It is the center of inspiration and ideas, and it is responsible for pressuring us to solve, to know, or to make sense of things. It is a center that invites us to question the past, doubt the logic of patterns, and seek new insights and awareness by thinking.

When the Head Center is defined or colored in on the body graph, it means that the person has consistent access to inspiration and ideas. They have a natural ability to see the bigger picture and connect the dots between seemingly unrelated things. They are also good at asking the right questions and finding the answers they need. Those with defined head centers will condition the mental environment around them, and can either inspire others, or seed doubt, confusion, and anxiety.

When the Head Center is undefined or white, it means that the person is more susceptible to external influences and can struggle with processing information or end up over thinking and mentally cranking on subjects or questions that aren't their own, and concern themselves with things that really don't matter to their lives.

It's important to note that each person's experience of the Head Center is unique. Some people may experience a constant stream of ideas and inspiration, while others may have a more sporadic experience. Likewise, some people may find it easy to process information, while others may struggle with the pressure to know and make sense of things.

Understanding your Head Center in Human Design can help you tap into your natural ability to receive inspiration and seek understanding. It can also help you recognize any challenges you may face in these areas and develop strategies to overcome them.

By embracing the unique qualities of your Head Center, you can live a more fulfilling and authentic life by learning how to deal with mental pressure by not letting it interfere with your strategy and inner authority decision making process.

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