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The Heart Center

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

In Human Design, the Heart Center, also known as the Ego Center, is one of the four motor energy centers that make up our unique energetic blueprint.

This center is located in the middle right of the BodyGraph and is responsible for our sense of self worth, willpower, zeal, ego, and competitiveness. It is associated with control, deliverance, being egotistical and warrior life, and the ability to manifest our desires through interaction with the material world.

People with defined Heart Centers are said to have a strong sense of self and a clear idea of their purpose in life. They have the energy and motivation to pursue their goals and make their dreams a reality. They are natural leaders and can inspire others to follow their vision.

On the other hand, those with an open or undefined Heart Center may struggle with issues related to self-esteem and worth. They may have a tendency to be a "people pleaser", feeling pressure to conform to social expectations by sacrificing their own needs and trying to keep promises to seem better, or more competitive than others.

It is important to note that having a defined Heart Center does not necessarily make someone a better or more successful person than someone with an undefined Heart Center. It simply means that they have a different energetic makeup and may approach life in a different way.

Understanding your Heart Center can help you tap into your natural sense of self-worth and pursue your goals with purpose and conviction.


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