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The G Center

Updated: Sep 6, 2023

The Human Design System is a fascinating tool that provides insight into one's unique blueprint for life.

The G Center, also known as the "identity" center, is located in the middle of the BodyGraph and is represented by a diamond shape. This center is responsible for our sense of identity, direction, role, and qualities of love in life.

Those with an open or undefined G Center may struggle with their sense of identity, purpose, and direction and may end up spending their whole lives searching, only to be disappointed when "who they thought they were" disappears and fades away. They may feel lost or unsure of themselves, and may tend to rely on external validation to feel a sense of belonging. The key is to become someone who can recognize direction and role in others, and share this as it is felt or understood.

On the other hand, those with a defined G Center can have a strong sense of identity, purpose, and role, and tend to be natural leaders who can influence and inspire others to go with a certain direction in life based on a plan, and creative vision, or their own experiences from the past.


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