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Projector Bitterness - A Sour Life Without Success

Updated: Jul 21, 2023

Projectors are the second most popular type of individual in Human Design, making up about 20% of the population.

They are natural guides and advisors, with an ability to see things that others might not notice. Projectors have a unique ability to understand the complexities of human relationships and can use this understanding to help others achieve their goals.

However, like all types in Human Design, Projectors also have a Not-Self theme that often leaves them feeling sour and resentful.

For Projectors, the Not-Self theme is a feeling of bitterness.

The Not-Self theme is a state in which an individual is out of alignment with their true nature and can experience negative emotions and outcomes.

Bitterness is a common feeling among Projectors when they are not living in alignment with their true nature, which most commonly arises as a result of over-working and extending themselves beyond their natural energetic abilities.

This feeling of bitterness can come from a variety of sources, such as feeling undervalued, unacknowledged, or unappreciated for the efforts they put forth. Projectors can often feel like they are constantly putting in effort and not seeing the results they desire or deserve.

One of the main reasons Projectors can experience bitterness is because they are designed to wait for invitations, which they are often unaware of and fail to apply as a decision making technique. These invitations are for important things like who to relate with, where to live, what to study or specialize in, and what jobs or projects to be involved with. Projectors are commonly deeply conditioned to respond like Generators, or Initiate like Manifestors.

It can be difficult for Projectors to trust that what they recognize, and are therefore recognized for, is their key to success.

Unlike other types, Projectors do not have the kind of energy required to initiate action on their own, or respond with a consistent theme of availability. Both dynamics will always be a byproduct of conditioning. Instead, they must wait for someone to recognize their gifts and invite them to share their wisdom, guidance, leadership, or skills.

Therefore, it is critical that all Projectors focus on developing a sort of talent that they can exchange with the world that does not require of them that they expended large amounts of their own energy to "do things". Projectors are best suited to be part-time specialists or advisors that can help to achieve a breakthrough or increase performance through the offering of their advice and abilities.

If a Projector tries to initiate action without an invitation, they can quickly become exhausted and burned out. They may also experience negative consequences, such as rejection or failure. This can lead to feelings of bitterness, resentment, and a sense that they're not as good as, or capable as others.

To avoid bitterness, Projectors must learn to wait for invitations and recognize when they are in alignment with their true nature. They must also learn to communicate their needs and boundaries clearly and effectively. By doing so, they can ensure that they are being recognized and valued for their unique gifts and talents and not just being taken advantage of and misused for whatever energy they do have defined in their BodyGraph.

In conclusion, Projectors in Human Design have a not-self of bitterness. This feeling can arise when they are not living in alignment with their true nature and are not being recognized for their gifts and talents. By waiting for invitations and communicating their needs and boundaries effectively, Projectors can avoid bitterness and live a fulfilling life in alignment with their true nature as guides, advisors, and insightful companions.


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