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Live Stream

Welcome to our live steaming service, where you can receive introductory level guidance on your Human Design BodyGraph mechanics to help you begin your experiment with this knowledge.

Please feel free to submit your birth data and ask questions in the chat!

Live Stream

Live Stream

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Join us for an immersive introduction to the world of Human Design, a cutting-edge system that integrates ancient wisdom and modern science to offer profound insights into your unique nature.


In our newcomer-friendly live-streamed sessions, we'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, diving into the foundational elements of Human Design such as your Type, Strategy,  Inner Authority, Profile, Signature, Not-self Theme, Centers, and Channels.


With easy-to-understand explanations and engaging visuals, you'll start to decode your personal BodyGraph and uncover unique techniques for living with greater authenticity, purpose, and alignment.


Whether you're seeking deeper self-understanding or simply curious about how Human Design can transform your life, our welcoming environment promises an engaging and insightful experience for all.

Ryan & Willa

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