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Your Journey

30 Minute Human Design

Consultation with Ryan

This 30 minute consultation is a perfect opportunity for you to gain essential insights into the nature of your Human Design.

Whether you're a newcomer, eager to unravel the mysteries of your BodyGraph, or a seasoned explorer seeking personalized guidance and recommendations, this meeting is tailored just for you.

In a friendly and efficient online meeting format, we'll connect on a meaningful level, linking together the compo
nents of your Design that are essential for you to know

What's included:
Overview of Type, Strategy, Inner Authority, Signature, Not-Self Theme, and Profile
Addressing your specific questions, curiosities, or concerns 
30 minute recorded Zoom meeting 
MMAI BodyGraph Chart Report


Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.

Ryan's IHDS Education

The Living Your Design Program 

Rave ABC's 

Rave Cartography

Professional Training PTL1 Semesters 1 2 & 3 

Professional Training PTL2 Semester 1

Living Your Design Guide Certification Program 

Jovian Archive and IHDS Self-Study Material

Ryan is an IHDS Analyst-in-Training and Certified Professional Human Design Guide

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